"Peace Crimes: the Minnesota 8 vs. the war"

Cast Size - Ideal for Collegiate Theatre

  • ensemble format, 14 roles
  • main male and female character
  • supporting roles:
    • Black Panthers (Fred Hampton and wife)
    • Vietnam Veterans
    • Daniel Ellsberg, "Pentagon Papers"
    • a mother of one of the "Eight"
    • Catholic theologian
    • "Agent Orange" biologist
    • trial judges
    • draft board secretaries
Themes - Ideal for Collegiate Audiences
  • timely and relevant - issues of war and protest
  • focus on "young people" and how they resisted what they determined was an immoral war
  • shows conflicts among anti-war activists - between mother and son ... between leading man and woman
  • presents controversy of times - includes countering view of trial judges, secretaries of the raided draft boards, condemning public opinion

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